If you are moving house soon, then it is an exciting time but there is also lots to think about. Unfortunately, this means that the process can feel overwhelming at times, so we have compiled ten top tips which will help make your move as stress-free as possible.

  1. Start Packing Early

This one may sound obvious, but it is crucial to help you avoid unnecessary stress. Packing often takes a lot longer than you think so it is worth starting extra early. Start by packing everything that you no longer need and then move on to the belongings in the rooms which you least use, then at least you limit disruption to your daily life.

  1. Make A List

You are juggling lots of things that you are trying to remember at the moment so the easiest way to ensure everything gets done is to make a list. This can help you if you are short on time by prioritising what to do quickly or if you have lots of time by ensuring nothing gets left until the last minute.

  1. Have a Clear Out

This is the perfect opportunity to have a clear out of your unwanted belongings. If you can get rid of this stuff in advance it will save you lots of time packing and unpacking it all only to get rid of it later anyway.

  1. Choose A Removals Firm Early

This one is important! If you need a removals firm get one booked in advance. The last thing you need is to try and book one last minute when there are not any available. Check reviews for the best firms in your area to ensure your belongings are in the best hands.

  1. Paperwork

Take this opportunity to organise any important documents so that you know exactly where it all is. Then, when you move all your belongings, you won’t be worrying about losing all your important paperwork in the process.

  1. Be Specific With Labelling

It is always a good idea to label boxes but try and be specific with your labelling so when it comes to unpacking you are not searching through boxes looking for certain items.

  1. Clean The New House

Before you start unpacking, it is a good idea to try and give the house a clean. By doing so you can double check you are happy with everything, and you have the peace of mind that everything is spotless before you unpack. It is helpful to separate cleaning supplies when you are packing so you can access them easily.

  1. Be Aware Of Utilities

Just before you vacate your old property, try, and remember to take a photo of all the meter readings. If you leave without this final reading, you will end up spending more time than necessary sorting it with your providers. It is also useful to call your old utilities providers in advance to let them know when you will be vacating the property.

  1. Pack Essentials Separately

Make a note of the things you might need on the days surrounding the move and pack a separate suitcase. This might include toiletries, chargers, water, and a change of clothes. It will make the move a lot easier!

  1. Take It Slow

Finally, moving house is exhausting so be sure to try and take your time with everything! Don’t expect to get everything done in a flash and enjoy the process!